Every Track on Kendrick Lamar's 'DAMN.' Is Now RIAA-Certified

'DAMN.' is now 3x Platinum as of May 10.

Pulitzer Kenny continues to put numbers up on the board.

As of May 25, Kendrick Lamar has accrued an additional 14 RIAA certifications, bringing his career total to 28. Of note, “HUMBLE.” is now 7x Platinum, while “LOVE.” and “LOYALTY.” clock in at 4x and double-Platinum, respectively.

With these certifications, every track on Lamar’s DAMN. now has at least one RIAA plaque to its name, with the album itself achieving 3x Platinum on May 10.

Interestingly, this means even DAMN.’s opening skit “BLOOD.” is certified Gold, which speaks to Kendrick Lamar’s ability to craft a compelling and lean album cover to cover. The certification of “BLOOD.” also speaks to the truth that while playlists and bloated albums may reign supreme, if you make a strong enough body of work, the listeners will come. Better yet, they will stay.

In the great words of the man himself, “Get it all, you deserve it, Kendrick.”