Meyhem Lauren & DJ Muggs Collide on "Heavenly But Still Cold" 'Frozen Angels' EP

“As long as I own a little hip-hop real estate, I'm good.”
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Meyhem Lauren & DJ Muggs FROZEN ANGELS EP

Meyhem Lauren is a rapper’s rapper, bringing the dusky and thunderous soundscapes of classic New York to 2018. DJ Muggs is, well, hip-hop history wrapped up in one of the genre’s most essential producers. 

Following their 2017 duo debut, Gems from the Equinox, the pair return with their latest EP, the chilling Frozen Angels. Together, they seamlessly reignite the core tenets that make hip-hop the most evocative genre of music.

“The aura of the EP is heavenly but still cold,” Lauren explains of Frozen Angels, premiering exclusively on DJBooth. “Muggs’ beats are dark so my writing reflects that when I work with him. His beats also make me go hard when I write because a Muggs beat already has an identity of itself before words are added to it so when I write I make sure to bring just as much energy as the beat already has.”

The crunch and grit of Muggs’ beats ensure that Lauren sounds his hungriest on “Nothern Blvd” just as well as him spitting about his dedication to the craft of storytelling on “Champion Style.” The entire EP is sulfuric and horrifying in the traditional sense. With Lauren stacking up metaphors and unraveling his fears on wax, it would be easy for the emcee to have at least broken a sweat while crafting the project—but that’s not the case.

“I wouldn't be me without that level of drive and passion,” Lauren assures. “I've yet to experience anything that a coconut water and power nap couldn't fix. No such things as getting drained on this shit.”

While some artists are focused on legacy and always gunning for their next major moment, Meyhem Lauren keeps his aspirations realistic. 

“As long as I own a little hip-hop real estate, I'm good.”