Our Entire Staff Reacts to Nicki Minaj's "Rich Sex" with Lil Wayne

"If this is what rich sex sounds like, I'm fine having poor sex."
Nicki Minaj Lil Wayne Rich Sex artwork 2018

On Monday morning (June 11), Nick Minaj followed up her announcement of a joint tour with Future later this summer with the news that she would be releasing two new singles this week, leading up to her long-awaited fourth studio album, Queen, due out August 10.

The first of those two singles, "Rich Sex," featuring Lil Wayne, was released to streaming services just 15 minutes later. In typical DJBooth fashion, our entire staff reacted to the new single immediately following the song's release. 

Below is a transcript from our staff Slack chat. May the sexual puns come hard and fast.

donnacwrites [12:35 PM] This is so underwhelming. Wayne is Wayne, but Nicki sounds so disengaged

yoh [12:36 PM] Eh. I think it's cool.

bmvaran [12:36 PM] I like the cover

yoh [12:36 PM] Nick's first verse is a very Nicki verse.

sermonsdomain [12:36 PM] You can only rap about sex for so long before it sounds the same. It's a problem a lot of artists experience.

Z [12:36 PM] If this is what rich sex sounds like, I'm fine having poor sex.

bmvaran [12:37 PM] how is she gonna steal future’s song title right before going on tour with him?

yoh [12:37 PM] When are we going to have a serious conversation about rap's broke shaming?

sermonsdomain [12:37 PM] NOW, Yoh. NOW.

bmvaran [12:37 PM] spoken like a true broke boi

donnacwrites [12:37 PM] I feel broken hearing how little Nicki put into growing as a rapper between projects

yoh [12:37 PM] LOL

sermonsdomain [12:37 PM] Everybody starts out broke.

yoh [12:38 PM] @donnacwrites when was the last time Nicki sounded progressive?

donnacwrites [12:38 PM] A problem in itself

sermonsdomain [12:38 PM] "It ain't a such thing as broke and handsome." That line hurt.

yoh [12:38 PM] There's some tricks that will definitely work in the song's favor.

donnacwrites [12:38 PM] I want career rappers to sound hungry, rap like you care and not like you know we will listen

Z [12:38 PM] Nicki stays making sure her album artwork does streaming numbers.

yoh [12:39 PM] Well, if your career is radio records and pop crossover...

donnacwrites [12:39 PM] I am into her creative direction, font is tight

bmvaran [12:39 PM] “fuck her in the helicopter now she screaming sky’s the limit” lmaooo

hershal [12:39 PM] The chorus of this song is just repetitive enough without getting annoying, I could see this song catching on if it's given the right chance. The problem is no one's interested enough in her music anymore for it to get that chance.

Stephen Barston [12:39 PM] “let’s fuck on the money before we count it”

donnacwrites [12:39 PM] It's a good Nicki song but is a good Nicki song enough... that's the question, right? When do we raise the bar? Hershal is correct

sermonsdomain [12:40 PM] Nicki will never fall off in popularity, but she can't pull the Drake where he dominates the charts AND shows he can still rap as hard as others. I can't tell you the last verse from Nicki I was like "WOW, she bodied that."



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yoh [12:40 PM] She's not playing the bar-raising game.

J Hus Jonah Jameson [12:40 PM] Nicki calling someone "Mitch" as an insult is a wild Paid in Full reference

yoh [12:40 PM] You can want it, but who is Nicki Minaj in 2018? Who is she as an artist. She's "Rich Sex"

bmvaran [12:41 PM] a guest feature song ruiner

yoh [12:41 PM] Sir

donnacwrites [12:41 PM] Now now Brendan

yoh [12:41 PM] Will rap ever retire Paid In Full references?

donnacwrites [12:41 PM] No. What a terrible thing to ask for


J Hus Jonah Jameson [12:42 PM] ^^

donnacwrites [12:42 PM] Yohsipher isn't for the people

J Hus Jonah Jameson [12:42 PM] Weezy hit the Kendrick "HUMBLE" flow real quick just to make a dick lipstick joke. Legend

sermonsdomain [12:42 PM] Wayne is the king of ridiculous sex bars.

donnacwrites [12:42 PM] Is Wayne's Verse Good or Is It Just a Pleasure to Hear Him Rap At All Times? - Everyone

yoh [12:43 PM] @bmvaran you were right about Wayne focusing more on flows than bars.

sermonsdomain [12:43 PM] Wayne raised the bar with his D6 tapes. This verse is disappointing by that standard.

donnacwrites [12:43 PM] He just knows how to make his cadence into ear candy

yoh [12:43 PM] A gift

J Hus Jonah Jameson [12:44 PM] The Master P No Limit scheme carried him through that first half, tho

bmvaran [12:44 PM] how did Lil Wayne make an entire verse about sex punchlines without a single reference to eating pussy?

sermonsdomain [12:44 PM] GROWTH.

J Hus Jonah Jameson [12:44 PM] Growth...?

yoh [12:44 PM] Yeah, this song is fine but it really doesn't make you feel as if rich sex is some extravagant lifestyle event. You really gotta sell such a boast

donnacwrites [12:45 PM] This song leads me to believe that rich sex only requires blown out bass

yoh [12:45 PM] Song should be titled "Tax Refund Sex"

donnacwrites [12:45 PM] Pay Taxes Quarterly Sex

J Hus Jonah Jameson [12:45 PM] McDonald's Money Sex

hershal [12:45 PM] Honestly, it just conjures an image of a couple literally trying to have sex on a pile of money instead of a mattress, which seems logistically challenging.

yoh [12:45 PM] Birdman Hasn't Sent The Royalties Sex

bmvaran [12:45 PM] “can’t all producers please have sex”



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