JAY-Z & Beyoncé Turned in Final Version of 'EVERYTHING IS LOVE' Three Hours Before Release

"You master the record, they ask for changes. Everything was crunch time."
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JAY-Z & Beyoncé Turned In 'EVERYTHING IS LOVE' Three Hours Before Release

You can’t rush damn near perfection, just like you can’t rush JAY-Z and Beyoncé. Or, as legendary production duo Cool & Dre told Rolling Stone, “They don't have rules.” 

In an exclusive interview, Cool & Dre broke down the making of The Carters' new surprise album, EVERYTHING IS LOVE, which came down to the final hour.

“People were still recording parts an hour and a half before the last show in London, three hours before the album was released,” Dre said. “They were still putting last second touches on. This shit is not a game.

“The last couple days was no sleep, in the studio non-stop. The record gets sent off to mastering, then they hear, and want to change this, this, and this. You master the record, they ask for changes. Everything was crunch time. They're doing this as they rehearse for this humongous tour. ”

Well, they could have fooled us. 

With the lush production layered atop innovative trap soundscapes and Beyoncé out-rapping your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper, EVERYTHING IS LOVE sounds finely and meticulously crafted. Of course, their constant asking for changes right up to the buzzer speaks to how seasoned both JAY-Z and Beyoncé are as artists, and how aware they are that when their names are attached to a product, it must be flawless.

Let this be a lesson to creatives: sometimes the pressure of a deadline is inspiration enough, but leave massive undertakings such as these to the pros.