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10 Original Odd Future Members We Always Seem to Forget About

Sure, we all know Tyler, Earl, and Frank, but what about the lesser-known members?
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Hip-hop collective Odd Future, shortened from OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Tim Allen), rose to prominence (and dominance) in the early ‘10s as a symbol of teen rebellion, with aggressively vulgar lyrics and an unapologetic “fuck you” attitude. 

While Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, and Frank Ocean occupied most of the spotlight, it was group members like Syd, Hodgy, Left Brain, Domo Genesis, Mike G, Taco, Casey Veggies, and more who helped build the Odd Future brand.

To match their massive acronym, OFWGKTA had a massive roster. In 2013, the UN officially declared Odd Future as its own country. Sure, we all know Tyler, Earl, and Frank, but what about the lesser-known members? 

Let’s take a look at the performers whose Odd Future careers were unfairly lost in the sands of time.

Matt Martians

One of the founding members of the group, as well as a gifted illustrator. In late 2017, Martians released his first solo album, The Drum Chord Theory.

Jasper Dolphin

While he never put out any solo material, Jasper's role as an exuberant hypeman made him a staple of the group. He carved his niche as a talented comedic performer, specifically with the Adult Swim series Loiter Squad.

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One of the founding members of Odd Future, G-Eazy left the group to pursue a solo career after Tyler’s infamous ban on leather jackets. The vicious beef between Eazy and Odd Future was the inspiration for the Cali native's radio smash "Me, Myself & I," a boastful anthem where he celebrates his solo success in spite of Odd Future. To this day, they’re still not on speaking terms.

Lil B

Rap’s favorite oddball troll enjoyed a side career as an integral part of OFWGKTA. His time in the group didn’t last long after Earl took one of those “Lil B fucked your bitch” memes seriously and an ugly fallout immediately ensued. Earl’s ignorance towards meme culture has ended dozens of relationships.

John Mayer

Modern rock's sensitive soul and infamous heartbreaker was arguably the glue that held Odd Future together. His clingy relationship with Jennifer Aniston caused friction within the group, which is where Aniston’s famous nickname, “the white Yoko Ono,” originated.


The Los Angeles native who fakes a British accent began her career in Odd Future. Since her soulful singing voice was a sharp contrast to all the rape jokes and swastikas, she reluctantly parted ways with the group to focus on her solo career. “Someone Like You” was a heartbreaking ballad about Adele’s bittersweet fondness for the collective she dearly missed being a part of.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen's little-known foray into hip-hop ended in disaster after she got tired of being mistaken for Eminem at awards shows. Tired of living in Marshall’s shadow, Ellen's music career crashed and burned before it even had a fighting chance.

Dr. Phil

Tyler, The Creator fired Dr. Phil from the group in a fit of rage after finding out that he had faked his doctorate and was not actually a real doctor. In a moment of disgrace, Phil tried to defend himself by declaring that Earl wasn't even a real sweatshirt. But the decision was made.

George W. Bush

After handing the White House keys over to Barack in 2008, the former President of the United States started pursuing his real passion—rapping. Bush's mixtape, Misunderestimated, caught the attention of Frank Ocean, who invited him to join the group. Bush continues to record music and recently released a 2x Platinum album under his new stage name, Post Malone.


You’re probably kicking yourself for forgetting about your time in Odd Future. Don't. The group was so large. It’s all coming back to you now, though. Those crazy nights on tour, your mediocre guest verse on Tyler, The Creator’s "Yonkers" remix. Your rap career may have permanently torpedoed into the abyss, but those fond memories will never fade away.


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