Lloyd Responds to Ignorant Instagram User: "Your Homophobia Is a Disease"

“To be mad at you would be looking at what instead of why.”
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Lloyd TRU album

Sadly, not a single day goes by without an overt act of hate making the rounds on the internet, but luckily, there are just as many opportunities to spread love—which is exactly what veteran R&B singer Lloyd did on Monday when an Instagram user made a homophobic comment in response to his near-nude album cover.

“My brother, once upon a time this would’ve truly offended me, but now I understand,” he wrote. “Your homophobia is a disease, and to be mad at you would be looking at what instead of why.”

We should all aspire to handle hatred with this much grace. To process anger and approach vile commentary with such humility and goodness is truly admirable. Lloyd’s composure is reminiscent of Post Malone’s poised exchange with a fan in 2017, wherein both Malone and the fan discussed the implications of Malone’s drug-laced music.

Of varying degrees, both artists were able to communicate valuable lessons, without succumbing to the petty void of social media or the trappings of hateful Internet trolling.

There’s also an immense amount of strength required to turn dark moments like these into teachable ones. In 2017, Logic spread a similar message of love and chose to take on bigotry with candor in releasing his moving video for “1-800.” “It was scary… because I was going after every racist, homophobic piece of shit out there,” Logic said of the video.

While Logic himself admitted that he is far from the first or last person to take on homophobia, both he and Lloyd are bringing important representation and support to those who might feel most alone, who might not have the strength to respond with the same confidence and courage.

Lloyd is slated to release his brand new full-length album, TRU, on August 31.