"I Don't Like to Be Alone": Lil Yachty Talks About Sharing a House With 10 Friends

"I have to live with my friends."
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"I Don't Like to Be Alone": Lil Yachty Talks About Sharing a House With 10 Friends

It’s easy to forget Lil Yachty is 20 years old. One year removed, but still the King of Teens, Yachty recently sat down with Big Boy and his crew to discuss his come up and what it's like growing up as a hip-hop star. Along the way, Yachty revealed he shares a house with 10 (!) of his friends from middle and high-school. 

"I have to live with my friends," Yachty said. 

When asked why he has to live with friends, the rapper known for his bright red beads replied, "I don't like to be alone," detailing how prior to purchasing a nine-bedroom house, he shared a two-bedroom condo with three friends.

According to Yachty, when he's around his childhood friends, he sometimes forgets he’s Lil Yachty, unlike when he’s with his industry friends.

While Big Boy didn’t follow up to see why exactly Yachty doesn't like to be alone, the conclusion is in plain sight. As a touring artist, Yachty spends an immense amount of time performing, recording, schmoozing, on press runs, and the like. Even surrounded by people, this environment can become exceptionally isolating when you realize everyone wants something from you but doesn’t always have your best interests at heart.

Imagine months on the road away from family and close friends for whom you needn’t put on a front or media persona, away from people who care about you without any agenda. This in itself is taxing, but at 20, just entering into adulthood in the public eye, life as an artist is a true mental strain.

Perhaps Yachty’s insistence on living with friends is a cry for how tired the young man must be in light of his career. By himself, it’s likely Lil Yachty doesn’t have the luxury of stepping away from his artist persona or star status, but with his childhood friends, the pressures are bound to melt away.

Or perhaps he just wants to field an entire soccer team who must be ready to play at a moment's notice.