"We Got Music!": Logic Reveals He's Sitting on 80 Unreleased Songs and Seven Projects

“Not for those who hate but…”
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Not a single person work harder than Bobby,” indeed, as early Tuesday morning, Logic took to Twitter to reveal he has 80 unreleased songs and seven albums in the can, ready to be released “Not for those who hate but for those who love us!”

After the sprawl of 2017's Everybody and 2018’s punchy follow-up Bobby Tarantino II, along with a massive tour, it’s difficult to imagine how (and when) Logic finds the time to record this volume of material. Clearly, his work-hard raps are not baseless. 

As unreleased material goes, Logic is in good company. Earlier this summer, Anderson .Paak revealed he has approximately 65,000 unreleased songs sitting in his vault, some of which will be delivered soon

With more and more artists subscribing to a serialized, churn and burn methodology, it’s refreshing to see major acts exercise some restraint and opt to release their music when both they and the material are ready.

According to sources, Logic will release at least one of his seven aforementioned unreleased projects before the end of 2018.


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