Chance The Rapper Releases Four New Songs After Shutting Down New Album Talk

No new album, no problem.
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Chance The Rapper, according to a report filed on Monday by the Chicago Tribune, was supposed to release a brand new album later this week to coincide with his forthcoming headlining performance at the Special Olympics 50th-anniversary celebration concert on Saturday, July 21. 

While Chance, 25, tucked that report into bed the following morning, he has delivered four brand new songs—"Work Out," "65th & Ingleside," "I Might Need Security," and "Wala Cam," which features a guest spot by Supa Bwe.

All four songs, which are not being packaged as an EP despite employing visually similar artwork, are currently available for stream across all DSPs

Of note, Chance reveals on "I Might Need Security" that his company, Social Media, LLC., has purchased Chicago newspaper Chicagoist from WNYC, who acquired the publication earlier this year. "I bought the Chicagoist just to run you racist bitches outta business," he raps. 

In addition to wrapping up work on the long-awaited follow-up to 2016's GRAMMY-winning mixtape Coloring Book, Chance is, at the moment, two songs deep into a collaborative project with fellow Chicagoan Kanye West, who is himself several weeks removed from releasing five projects worth of new material.

There is currently no release date for either project.