Scott Storch on Blowing $70M+ on Drugs: "I Built an Empire Smoking Weed, I Tore It Down Doing Cocaine”

“Really, usually, people stay alive because they run out of money.”
Scott Storch Blowing $70M+: "I Built Empire Smoking Weed, Tore It Down Doing Cocaine"

On the heels of his evocative new tell-all documentary, Still Storch, legendary producer Scott Storch made it up to Hot 97 to continue the discussion surrounding his downward spiral from fame at the hands of cocaine.

“I was the most dangerous kind of drug addict,” Storch said. “I was a drug addict who had millions and millions of dollars in the bank, ready to spend on drugs, and not have to go to work, and not have to worry about anything… The reason why that’s the most dangerous is because if you don’t run out of… Really, usually, people stay alive because they run out of money.”



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There’s an undeniably dark truth to Storch’s rise and fall, a too-familiar cycle that’s plagued countless artists, but perhaps the most harrowing moment comes 10 minutes later, when Storch concludes: “I built an empire smoking weed, I tore it down doing cocaine.” He also details a brief, 45-day stint in a rehabilitation facility that ended when he left to go pursue more blow. Now on his redemption tour, applauding Storch’s recovery seems like second nature.

It’s worth noting that in 2015, Storch was reported to have spent $30 million on cocaine in a six-month span. At that time, his reported losses were closer to $70 million, not the present $100 million. Whether or not the numbers got lost in headline translation still remains secondary to the impressive and inspiring feat Scott Storch pulled off by climbing out of his drug-fueled ether.



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