Kid Cudi Confirms He and Kanye Plan to Release More KIDS SEE GHOSTS Albums

"There are some songs that we didn't use that I’m hopeful we can put out later."
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Kid Cudi is reborn. He told us as much on his collaborative album with Kanye West, KIDS SEE GHOSTS. Now, in a new interview with Hanif Abdurraqib for Billboard, Cudi revealed that the duo’s self-titled album is only the tip of the iceberg.

“There are some songs that we didn't use that I’m hopeful we can put out later,” he said. “But the plan is to do more Kids See Ghosts albums.”

Well, color us excited. When ranking songs from all five of Kanye's Wyoming sessions releases, KIDS SEE GHOSTS’ offerings congregated at the top, with “Reborn” being far and away the most successful song of the month, if not the year. Over the course of the interview, Cudi assured Abdurraqib that he has stepped into a new light, and no longer needs to write from a place of pain. “Reborn” is the sum of Cudi’s healing.

More excitingly, Cudi broke down the difference between his last full-length LP, Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’, and KIDS SEE GHOSTS: “Passion, Pain was more positive, but I wasn't necessarily living when I was writing it. Because I wrote that album before I went to rehab, then I came out and released it, I never really got a chance to write post-rehab, show the world where I’m at right now. That’s what Kids See Ghosts was: to update the world on where I’m at.”

Now that Cudi is in a better place, and we have proof that the music is clearly better for it, it’ll be interesting to see how the duo’s sound develops. When describing the process of working with Kanye West, Cudi speaks of a friendly competition, of the task of going toe-to-toe with West, and how that’s sharpened his music as well.

If the KIDS SEE GHOSTS follow-up is anything like the debut record, bring it on. An album of “Reborn” type beats would be appreciated, too.