Birdman Says Drake Grew Up in "The Slums" in Wildly Incoherent New Interview

"He ain't never had a sweet life.”
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Birdman interview, 2018

There’s reality, and then there’s whatever plane of existence Birdman stepped into before sitting down with RapUp TV for a new interview. 

While discussing Drake, who he rightfully dubs the most consistent Young Money Cash Money artist, Birdman begins freewheeling about Drake’s “slums” upbringing. This would make for an endearing come up story, if it were true. Spoiler: it certainly is not.

“He come from the trap, from the slums. He ain't never had a sweet life,” Birdman says, emphatically. “Now he makin’ a helluva life for himself. For him, I have to say, he's on a high horse to be living life like this because, every day of his life, is an experience of life that he never experienced.”

It's great to hear how happy Birdman is for his artists, but the issues here are multiple. Starting with the least offensive: Birdman is clearly confused about the phrase “high horse,” which doesn't mean what he thinks it means. Next up is the obvious: Drake is not from the trap nor the slums. Drake was far from wealthy while growing up in working and middle-class Toronto neighborhoods, which is nothing to be ashamed of and has no bearing on his work ethic, but is certainly not what Birdman had in mind as he sang Drizzy’s praises.

To be clear, coming from more than humble beginnings is not a fair critique to levy onto an artist, that is, unless they’re lying about their circumstances. In hip-hop, authenticity is key. Regardless of whatever Birdman imagines Drake’s childhood and adolescence to have looked like, he is right in saying that Drake has an impeccable work ethic and has built an empire with his music.


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