Royce da 5'9" Reveals the Unfortunate Realities of Being a Rap Dad: "You Commit to a Lifestyle"

“I think I waived my right to be a 100% father by being in this business."
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It’s not always easy for rap dads. Striking the balance between being a present father and a touring musician is difficult; just ask 6LACK, who postponed an entire tour to “be a dad.” 

In a newly-released clip from his interview with 247HH, Royce da 5’9” echoed 6LACK’s sentiment, revealing that being dedicated to the rap game barred him from fully being a father.

“One of the biggest sacrifices that I think I made in this business is my right, or my ability to be like a real father,” Royce said. “I missed my son being born, I missed every graduation, I missed his first steps, I missed all of the things that you go through life and you tell yourself these are the ones that are important because at the end of the day you not leaving with nothing but memories.

“I went for a long time just telling myself that I need to be a provider… That’s not really being a father, that’s just being a n***a showing up with some money. I think I waived my right to be a 100% father by being in this business… You commit to a lifestyle.”

As disheartening as it is to hear, Royce's sentiment is entirely based in reality. The demands of touring have held back many artists from pursuing romantic relationships and families. Even when artists aren’t actively touring and are simply recording projects en masse, that adds up to hundreds of hours spent away from the people that truly need your presence.

To Royce’s credit, his ability to reflect and feel guilt over his time spent away from his son only proves how dedicated he is to his family. Work-life balance is difficult in all professions, and presentness is difficult to practice, but will never go unappreciated.