Nas Is Finishing the Album He Should Have Released Instead of 'NASIR'

Another Nas album (almost) done.
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Remember the album Nas and Swizz Beatz made two years ago in less than a week and never released? Apparently, there’s another album from Nas in the works. 

During an iHeartRadio Q&A, as reported by Complex, Nas revealed that he has more music on the way in the not too distant future.

"It's another album that I already had been working on before [NASIR]," he said. "Since I did this, I gotta do something that, you know, goes in another direction a little bit. So I'm finishing up the next one… It's not gonna be that long [of a wait] because half of it was already there, yeah. I did do something with Swizz, I did stuff with RZA."

Could there be a full collaborative album with Nas on the mic and RZA behind the boards? Maybe so. Will this follow-up to NASIR include a response to the allegations of abuse ex-wife Kelis brought forward earlier this year? Hopefully. 

One thing remains certain, though, with the low bar set by NASIR, this next record will likely be a marked improvement for the living legend.

As of July 27, there is currently no release date for another Nas full-length album, according to his label, Def Jam.