JPEGMAFIA Explains Why He's Been Dissing Drake for Five Years

“Like why is Flume even listening to this?”
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JPEGMAFIA and Drake, 2018

JPEGMAFIA makes noisy, bully raps that challenge our perception of hip-hop. He’s also absolutely hilarious. In a new interview with Billboard, JPEG broke down his five-year-long history of sneak dissing Drizzy Drake of all people.

“I been randomly dissing Drake for like five years,” he said. “I don’t know why. I guess, because Drake, it’s kinda you know what? I thought before, I don’t actually have a problem with Drake. I really don’t hate him. I guess it’s my fucked up, trolly internet way of paying homage to him and just paying homage to how big he actually is. He’s so big that yeah I have been dissing him for five years, just because like he’s big as fuck. He’s like the Omni-king or some shit like that. He’s just like ever-present. So much so that every single person has an opinion on Scorpion whether it’s like bad or good. I was like talking to fucking Flume and he has an opinion. Like why is Flume even listening to this?”

To paraphrase: JPEGMAFIA is a satirist and Drake is his subject. Peggy is more than aware that he’s shadowboxing here, that is, if we can even count some of his funnier Drake snubs as throwing punches. In truth, JPEGMAFIA is making fun of a culture that feels incensed enough to have an opinion and each and every one of Drake—or any superstar’s—moves.

While so many rappers use their music to bemoan the pitfalls of celebrity, taking social media hiatuses or having very public breakdowns from the pressure, JPEGMAFIA is subtly spinning the narrative and pointing the finger back at the listeners. Or, this is all one big joke and DJBooth has proven why we’re one of the 10 most annoying types of rap fans, yet again.