"That's Corny": Playboi Carti Rips Rappers Who Quit Lean on Social Media

“Nah, that’s a dub. That’s a whole zero.”
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One of the leaders of rap’s punk wave, Playboi Carti, sat down with Revolt TV to rank everything from fashion to rap copycats. Along the way, Carti dropped his take on artists who announce they’re quitting lean on social media.

“Yo, that’s corny, right?” Carti began. “That is so corny. N****s be swearing they kickin’ the cup and be lookin’ like they just drank some lean. Nah, that’s a dub. That’s a whole zero. I'm not even finna tell you I'm finna stop. I want to, but I'm not even finna lie to you. It's the boy who cried wolf. It's a dub.”

Carti delivers a brief take here, but there’s plenty to unpack. For one, any time an artist with a substantial following announces they’re helping themselves in any way, be it by quitting drugs or pursuing therapy, the net result will always be positive. Fans who look up to these artists and may need help themselves could see these announcements as a sign or push for them to help themselves. That is decidedly not corny.

Secondarily, the nature of addiction is far from corny. That is, a person may well have every intention to quit, but because addiction is a disease and not a choice to be made, relapses are sadly common. This doesn’t make someone a liar, but it does serve as a reminder that rehabilitation is a long and arduous journey.

Giving Playboi Carti the benefit of the doubt here, it’s most likely that he’s taking shots at artists who announce they’re quitting lean as a joke, which is corny because addiction is far from humorous. There is no reason to joke about addiction or use a disease to virtue signal and get your clout up. 

Or, in the words of Carti: “That’s a whole zero.”