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"I'm Not Carrying No Torch": Denzel Curry is Only Focused on Making the "Best Shit Possible"

“I’ve proved with ‘TA13OO’ that I’m versatile as hell.”

Denzel Curry rewrote the conception of South Florida rap on his three-act album TA13OO. Balancing all shades of life and venturing into more melodic sounds, Curry used his latest body of work to showcase his versatility, and, as he revealed to Billboard, master his craft as opposed to satisfying over-demanding fans.

“I’m not carrying no torch,” he declared in response to being heralded rap’s latest savior. “I’m just saying that I want to make the best shit possible, and I’m gonna do it regardless of who’s in my way. And I’m not gonna be important just to hip hop. I’m gonna be important to all genres of music. I’ve proved with TA13OO that I’m versatile as hell. Now it’s just self-mastery. I’m in a self-mastery stage of my life right now.”

Denzel Curry is absolutely right in his approach. He cannot bend his music to the will of fans with hugely unrealistic expectations for him to “save” hip-hop, which does not need saving. With his many flows, Curry has earned an expansive audience, but an attempt to satisfy each and every listener would lead to wholly uninspired music.



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Not to mention, demanding anyone “save” a genre of music is highly dehumanizing. While the desire to preserve something you love is understandable, fans must remember that artists are simply human beings making music as their calling—there’s a level of internality to be respected. Ironically, this is exactly what Curry covers on single “CLOUT COBAIN.”

As TA13OO ranges from Curry’s signature ferocity to more melodic and winding cuts, it’s clear he has matured into an expansive artist. Making moves for the betterment of his music as opposed to pandering is, in all likelihood, one of the major reasons Denzel Curry’s career continues to endure.


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