Travis Scott Is a Superstar and He Has the First-Week Numbers to Prove It

Perhaps most impressive are Travis Scott’s pure sales figures.
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If we’re going strictly by the numbers, Travis Scott is a superstar. With his latest album, ASTROWORLD, moving a total of 537,000 units earned in its first week—that’s streaming numbers plus a whopping 270,000 in pure sales—there are no doubts that Scott is cemented in the hip-hop elite. Though he may be vying for respect from the rapper community, the numbers clearly speak for themselves.

On their own, these are some impressive figures, but they are even more leveling in context. Not only did ASTROWORLD debut at No. 1 on the Billboard charts, the record is also second only to Drake for first-week numbers. Scott’s first-week numbers have dwarfed those of fellow hip-hop superstars Post Malone, (461,000), J. Cole (397,000), Cardi B (255,000), and Kanye West (208,000). 

Perhaps most impressive are Travis Scott’s pure sales figures. At 270,000 units sold, this is the highest sales week in any genre of music this year. While Scott's sales numbers were certainly boosted by a line of album merchandise bundled with the album, rousing that many fans to hit the store and spend money is nothing short of incredible. Superstars get big numbers, but superstars also know how to rally and mobilize their fans. 

The people ride for Travis Scott, and considering ASTROWORLD is one of the best albums of 2018, it’s easy to see why.