Zaytoven Admits He Didn’t Originally Think Future Was a Good Artist

“I didn’t think he was all that good.”

Zaytoven and Future are a match made in music heaven, but there was once a time where Zay was giving Future the cold shoulder, so to say. 

In a new profile on the producer, Zaytoven revealed to The Red Bulletin that he did not originally find Future to be a compelling artist, to the extent that he would actually remove Future from recorded tracks.

“I didn’t think he was all that good,” Zaytoven said, admitting to once removing Future verses from songs recorded with their mutual friend Rocko. Zay’s under-appreciation of Future turned out to be short-lived. Following the release of 2014’s Honest and a subsequent break-up with Ciara, Future reached out to Zaytoven for beats, which would eventually become the watershed mixtape Beast Mode.

As Red Bull reported: “Future’s request turned out to be open-ended: ‘Zay, whatever beats you want me to rap on for this project, that’s what I’ll use.’” As it stands, Future’s openness unlocked something in Zaytoven, and Beast Mode played as an evocative and experimental emotional expose.

In 2018, the duo finally released the follow-up: BEASTMODE 2. As far as sequels go, this one exceeded all expectations and exists as a swirling and impressive nebulous of pain music soaked in piano and Auto-Tune. All things considered, we’re glad Zaytoven came to his senses.

Correction: In a previous version of this article, we incorrectly reported Future's Honest album was released in 2015. Honest was released in 2014.