Lil Baby Agrees with 21 Savage, Says Drake Put Him On

"In a way, he did. Definitely."

Next up in a long line of Atlanta hitmakers, Lil Baby recently sat down with the LA Leakers crew to discuss his success, and affirm fellow rapper 21 Savage’s earlier note that Drake does not get the credit he deserves for putting on new artists.

“I definitely did not say he put you on,” host Justin Credible clarified, bringing up 21 Savage’s earlier comments. Yet, there was no need to hedge himself as Lil Baby immediately replied: “Yea, but, in a way, he did. Definitely… I like that comment, and I feel the same way.”

While we could rattle off a long list of artists who Drake has assisted, the artist at present is Lil Baby and the song in question is the smash “Yes Indeed” from Baby’s 2018 debut, Harder Than Ever. The track, no doubt with the help of Drake, broke into the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at No. 6. “Yes Indeed” is also RIAA certified Platinum. 

While Baby admits that the short runtime of the track upped its replay value, we can also look to Drake’s big-name pull as one of the key reasons for the song’s success.

Of course, there’s no shame in being put on, by a bigger artist. Music could use more of that benevolence and thoughtful curation. It’s never the co-sign that matters as much as what comes after the co-sign. Lil Baby has hip-hop’s eyes and ears, hopefully, he continues to deliver.

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