G Herbo Reveals He Blew His First $100k From Music in Four Months

“The little money I was getting, I was blowing through that shit.”
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As we know, there is such a thing as blowing up too quickly. While we idealize immediate fame, the consequences are often heavy on young artists’ minds and their wallets. The latest artist to speak on his early money mismanagement is Chicago’s G Herbo, who apparently blew his first six-figure earnings in four months.

“I bought a lot of clothes and a lot of lean, cars, guns and shit,” Herbo told Okayplayer. “I was young, too. I was broke in like four months. I’m not going to lie, I spent like $100,000. And I never really got like a label advance, I was still independent. The little money I was getting, I was blowing through that shit.”

Based on his account, G Herbo essentially performed what we'll call the reverse Will Smith. Where Smith loved the feeling of getting paid so much he spent nothing, a younger G Herbo spent everything. Of course, we can all agree that blowing hundreds of thousands of dollars is irresponsible and childish—that’s not the lesson here. The lesson is G Herbo quickly wised up once the money ran dry, meaning: if you course-correct early enough, you won’t do irreparable harm to your long-term financial situation.

Earlier in the interview, Herbo also broke down the ways in which he likes to be in control of his money and his label deals: 

“I’m not trying to ever get into a situation where I’m like, ‘Alright, where’s my money going? Where is this going, where is that going?’ You got to have everything in order yourself. You got to really have full control and a grasp on your career.” —G Herbo

Certainly being a new father helps, and as G Herbo told us earlier this month, parenting has rerouted his priorities and made him more present. Part of being a present father, surely, is providing for his family and not letting the money slip by. 

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