Tame Impala on Travis Scott Recording Sessions: "I've Never Heard Music Played That Loud in My Life"

"I’m talking huge speakers. These studios have these speakers that are like, 12 inches each."
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As we know, now-bona fide superstar Travis Scott assembled a coalition of artists to help him craft ASTROWORLD. Among those artists was Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker ("SKELETONS"), who spoke with Billboard to break down the process of working with Scott to develop the trip that is ASTROWORLD.

“I did a lot of sessions with him, actually,” Parker said. “What’s cool about people like Travis is that they’re just getting a bunch of people in the room and seeing what happens. For a lot of it, I was just a team player. At some points, there were 10, 20 people in the room. You could just be there and hang out and not do anything for like an hour. And then something perks your ears up, and you can be like, ‘Oh yeah, yeah, plug me in, I’ve got an idea.’ We’d go for hours until three in the morning.

“But it’s not intense. Well, it’s intense because it’s the loudest shit I’ve ever heard. I’ve never heard music played that loud in my life, and possibly never will. I’m talking huge speakers. These studios have these speakers that are like, 12 inches each. And they were blowing out. Your eardrums rattle. Even the hi-hats kind of make your ears rumble a bit. That’s fuckin’ intense. After about a half-hour, I think your ears close up a bit so you can deal with it more.”

Given how impressive Travis Scott’s live performances are, this is not the least bit surprising. ASTROWORLD is both a blooming and intricate record, and sometimes the only way to experience such an album, especially during the ideation process, is as loud as humanly possible. 

Scott may have tested Parker’s eardrums, but he also delivered one of the best albums of 2018. Everything in life is worth sacrifice, of course.

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