DJ Quik Understands Why Dr. Dre Hasn't Released Mythical 'Detox' Album

"Some of the tracks I heard, oh my God, get the fuck out of here."
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DJ Quik Understands Why Dr. Dre Hasn't Released Mythical 'Detox' Album

When we talk about Dr. Dre, his mythical Detox album is always on the tips of our tongues and the forefronts of our minds. Sitting down with Revolt, DJ Quik, a longtime friend and collaborator, provided some insight as to why Dre has yet to release this sought-after record.

“I worked on Detox,” Quik said. “When we were doing ‘Truth Hurts,’ there’s times where me and Dre had what we call ‘Thinking Sessions.’ Hypothesis only, not programming. Just, in theory, Detox is a super smart-ass piece of music, but it’s all music, you know what I mean? That’s what could be the stumbling block for the record. Because it’s all music, and you got so many people to please. If you’re off with one, it won’t be a classic record. So, I understand Dre’s concerns about putting it out. But, some of the tracks I heard, oh my God, get the fuck out of here… Sound-wise, it was gonna be better than Chronic 2001, and idea-wise.”

Sure, Dre, we hear you. Artists are under an immense amount of pressure to deliver content en masse. Adding a major legacy and years of anticipation into that mix, it’s no wonder Dr. Dre has, what sounds like, cold feet. Living up to your own legacy and an endless swirl of hype is beyond daunting, but at least DJ Quik—a venerable legend himself—has faith the album sounds immaculate.

Artists can often be sensitive, and releasing music at any stage of a career is always nerve-wracking. So, we at DJBooth are proposing an alternative solution: Dre, send us Detox, and we will let you know whether or not it’s a classic worthy of being released to the masses. You can trust us, we’d never lie to you.

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