Rico Nasty Wants to Make Hip-Hop for "Real Women"

“I’m happy that I could be a role model for them.”
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Rico Nasty conquered the sugar trap by embracing her flaws and celebrating herself. Second to her presence on wax, her humanity and disregard for dated social rules are by far the biggest reasons for her success. 

Rico answers to no one, and in a new interview, she explains how her dedication to self is giving her fans the role model they deserve.

“It’s important that they see a woman free like that because right now you are supposed to be cookie-cutter, fat ass, fat titties, big lips, Kim [Kardashian] hair, Birkin bag, red bottoms… You’re supposed to be that bitch,” she told Highsnobiety. “Salute to you all who can get up and get dressed up like that and look picture perfect. I know there’s real women who aren’t that and those are the girls that come to my show and I’m happy that I could be a role model for them.”

Salute to Rico Nasty for making her image an altruistic one that doesn’t tear other women down. There is more than one way to present as a powerful woman, and though Rico’s image is not the same as the “cookie-cutter” personas she points out, she shies away from talking down on them. Focusing on herself and her appearance is something more artists could stand to do, especially when we all share the common goal of building each other up as people.

Though artists aren’t required to be role models for their fans, Rico Nasty’s dedication to her true self gives young women the room to explore who they really are, especially when their realities rarely fit the molds they’re served in the media. From her style to her sound, Rico Nasty’s music is liberating and knowing she is so in tune with her fanbase makes her all the more endearing.

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