A Rapper Appears on All 20 of Spotify's Songs of Summer; Rappers Are the Future

Hip-hop continues to eclipse all elements of popular culture.
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In a surprise to no one, hip-hop ruled the summer. Looking at the new Songs of The Summer chart from Spotify, we see that a rapper appears on all 20 of the streaming services top summer songs.

Pure hip-hop tracks rule the top five, with Drake’s “In My Feelings” coming in as the official Spotify song of the summer. Cardi B makes two appearances in the top 20, once as a leading artist with her smash “I Like It,” as well as a featured artist on Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You.” As an aside, this is empirical proof that we were lucky enough to live through another Cardi B summer.

Unsurprisingly, Drake contributes to eight out of the 20 tracks. As a win for newcomers, Chicago’s Juice WRLD has both of his breakout singles landing on the chart. As a win for rappers we’ve counted out, Tyga secures the seventh spot with his career-reviving single, “Taste.” It’s summer 2018, and dreams really do come true.

From these charts, we can learn two things: One, hip-hop continues to eclipse all elements of popular culture and two: rappers are the future.

Spotify’s Top U.S. Songs of Summer 2018:

  1. "In My Feelings" – Drake
  2. "Lucid Dreams" – Juice WRLD
  4. "I Like It" – Cardi B (feat. Bad Bunny, J Balvin)
  5. "Nice For What" – Drake
  6. "Better Now" – Post Malone
  7. "Taste" – Tyga (feat. Offset)
  8. "Moonlight" – XXXTENTACION
  9. "Nonstop" – Drake
  10. "Yes Indeed" – Lil Baby & Drake
  11. "Girls Like You" – Maroon 5 (feat. Cardi B)
  12. "I’m Upset" – Drake
  13. "God’s Plan" – Drake
  14. "Psycho" – Post Malone (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
  15. "All Mine" – Kanye West
  16. "Jocelyn Flores" – XXXTENTACION
  17. "Don’t Matter To Me" – Drake (with Michael Jackson)
  18. "All Girls Are The Same" – Juice WRLD
  19. "Look Alive" – BlocBoy JB (feat. Drake)
  20. "changes" – XXXTENTACION

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