Jay Critch Dreams of Working with JAY-Z

"When I get that, I’ll feel like I’ve did everything that I’ve got to do."
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Jay Critch Dreams of Working with JAY-Z

Brooklyn’s “hood favorite” rapper Jay Critch has amassed an impressive following off the back of New-York-to-the-core singles. With his upcoming mixtape Hood Fav on the way, Critch sat down with Zane Lowe to premiere his latest track, “Ego,” and to talk dream collaborations. 

“I’ve got to say Hov,” Critch told Lowe when asked to name his pinnacle rap collaboration. “I’ve got to say JAY-Z. I’ve got to say that. Brooklyn. That’s the dream. When I get that, I’ll feel like I’ve did everything that I’ve got to do… My older brother put me on to JAY-Z… Reasonable Doubt. That had me in a different bag. When you’re bumping that, I can still bump that lil this day. For me, that was just crazy for me.”

Considering Jay Critch is poised to be New York’s next hip-hop star with his whip-smart blend of trap soundscapes and uniquely Brooklyn pen game, the JAY-Z collaboration seems like a natural answer. 

Many of rap’s upcoming stars, such as YBN Cordae and Sheck Wes, have been praised for their ability to bridge hip-hop’s generation gap, and Jay Critch is no different. Jay and Jay on a track would go down as a definitive hip-hop moment, not so much a changing of the guard as the ultimate dap up.

Only a few weeks out from hip-hop’s 45th birthday, it’s also endearing to hear Critch wax poetic about Reasonable Doubt, an album Chicago emcee Femdot declared his favorite classic album. “Even now, it still gives me chills,” Fem told us. 

Funnily enough, a Jay Critch and JAY-Z collab would likely give everyone chills, too.

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