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Travis Scott's Madison Square Garden Show is Sold Out, Second Show Added

Travis Scott: still a superstar.

For those of us still debating the superstar status of Travis Scott following the release of his career-defining ASTROWORLD, Scott has added yet another accolade to his name to cement his stardom: selling out Madison Square Garden, with a second show added.

Travis Scott has now entered into fraternity with J. Cole, who sold out Madison Square Garden on his 2014 Forest Hills Drive tour, marking his superstar moment, and Logic, who performed to a sold-out crowd this past June. Other artists with back-to-back MSG dates include JAY-Z and Kanye West, and their Watch The Throne tour. Drake and Migos just did four nights at MSG, with Drake’s Summer Sixteen tour also doing four straight nights at The Garden. This is hip-hop’s upper echelon.

Though Travis Scott may still want respect from the hip-hop community, the numbers do not lie. Scott’s ASTROWORLD had the second highest opening week in hip-hop, right behind Drake. Not to mention, whatever rappers he feels are disrespecting him are not simultaneously selling out The Garden. This, of course, is proof that it is always easier to disparage someone else than it is to secure your own success.



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Good for Travis Scott, because as we know, his live shows are always an experience.

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