Lil’ Kim Says Kendrick Lamar Motivates Her to Continue Making Music

“He’s so freakin’ dope in every way."
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Lil Kim Says Kendrick Lamar Motivates Her to Continue Making Music

Being an active legacy act in a genre as fast-paced as hip-hop is no easy feat, but Lil’ Kim knows how to keep herself motivated. In a new interview with Power 106, the rapper revealed that she derives her drive from new music, her daughter, and “the next Will Smith,” Kendrick Lamar.

“I love Kendrick Lamar,” she attests. “He’s so freakin’ dope in every way and I have a newfound love for him after watching him on his episode of Power, I am even more more, mega fan. Remember, I told you, he’s gonna be the next Will Smith. He’s amazing in every way. I got the honor to perform with him one time when he came to New York and he asked me to come out on stage with him. I will never, ever, ever forget that moment. It was like one of the highlights of my music stage performance career.”

While Lil’ Kim hasn’t released an album in 13 years, ostensibly to ensure when she does drop, the music is perfect, it’s refreshing to know that she is keeping up with the biggest sounds in hip-hop. With her new album coming soon, and lead single “Nasty One” leaning on her Brooklyn roots, it will be exciting to see how Kendrick Lamar’s influence plays a role in her follow-up to 2005’s The Naked Truth.

Hopefully, the new album includes a few instances of Lil’ Kim saying “motherfucker” since she’s one of the best “motherfucker” orators in all of hip-hop. 

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