Working on Travis Scott's ‘ASTROWORLD’ Helped Stevie Wonder See, Kind of

“It was awesome.”
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GRAMMY-winning producer and engineer Mike Dean is a man of many talents. For one, he mastered Watch the Throne with just one ear. As he revealed in a new interview with EW, Dean is also a roving miracle worker.

“It was awesome,” Dean said, describing working with Stevie Wonder on Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD. “He’s a genius,” Dean added, noting that when Wonder walked into the smoked-out studio he “exclaimed, in the midst of weed smoke, ‘I can see!’”

Okay, so maybe Mike Dean and company didn’t actually give Stevie Wonder the gift of sight, but he did give music fans an immense amount of music this summer between the Wyoming SessionsASTROWORLD, and more. "I was literally making revisions that Kanye asked for right before we got in his car,” Dean recalled. “We always get shit done, so I was not worried.”

With the volume of work he’d done this summer, Dean also revealed that he stuck himself with an IV filled with vitamins and spent a week in post-album recovery. From shattered eardrums to needing an IV drip, Mike Dean is rap’s trooper engineer.

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