Gucci Mane on His Sobriety: "People Love to See Tragedy"

“You going through the worst things in your life—for somebody else, that's entertainment.”
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We are witnessing the dawn of a new Gucci Mane. The darling and Godfather of East Atlanta’s trap music scene has gone through an unparalleled transformation since his release from prison in 2016. A healthier, happier, more thoughtful Gucci Mane should spell good news for fans, but as the artist revealed in a new GQ interview, some people are still praying on his downfall.

“In a way I feel like I grew,” Gucci said of his time in prison. “I kind of morphed into a different person. Shed some of my old ways. I can say I grew up. I love the person I was, I love the person I am, and I love the person I grew to be. I tried to lose weight, I tried to take care of myself, change my thinking, my environment and associates—the ones that wasn't benefitting me. I guess that's the transformation everybody's saying they can't believe. But I can believe it.”

His transformation has been inspiring, yet Gucci went on to admit that not everyone is cheering for his turnaround: “Like they say—sometimes people kind of want you to fail. They wanna see you fall. I get it. People love to see tragedy. You going through the worst things in your life—for somebody else, that's entertainment.”

Gucci is spot on. As a culture, as a society, we are attracted to negativity and have a certain affinity for an artist’s lowest points: suicidal thoughts, drug addictions, and the like. In part, this comes from our inability to confront our own demons, but as Gucci notes, sometimes these ill-wishes come with a hint of malice.

The fall is always portrayed as more bombastic than the rise, and that is one of the costs of fame. Luckily for Gucci, it’s obvious those outliers fiending for his downfall do not influence his choices. Gucci Mane believes in himself and in his transformation, and that may be the most important aspect of this arc of his legacy. 

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