Eminem on His Artistic Direction: "What the Fuck Do People Want?"

“No matter what, when I zig, I should’ve zagged.”
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As anyone obsessed with craft would be, Eminem has a lot of questions about his artistic direction. Chiefly, following the release of his acidic Kamikaze album, as he told Sway in an exclusive interview, Eminem would like to know “what the fuck do” the people want from him?

“I’m always stuck in that ‘What the fuck do people want?’” Em admitted. “You were saying, ‘The old Em is back…' 'He’s too old to be the old Em...’ No matter what, when I zig, I should’ve zagged. No matter what. You got half and half, every fucking, single time.”

Though critics are pretty explicit in their demands for Eminem, as is the job of a critic, it is fair to say that Eminem is trapped in an artistic No Man’s Land. At their core, fans just want good music. The only problem with such a simple request is that “good” is terribly subjective. Whether you are a legacy act like Eminem or an upcoming artist, though, the best advice in this scenario is to make the music you would like to make and the fans will come.

In the case of Eminem, too, regardless of what he makes, the fans will come.

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