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10 Disses on Eminem's 'Kamikaze' Album That No One Noticed

If the Amish community had internet, they would be PISSED.

Lately, you can’t go anywhere online without seeing an article or hot take about Eminem and his new album Kamikaze. I tried to go on Pornhub on Saturday but kept getting pop-up ads for “Has Eminem Gone Too Far?” thinkpieces. But despite the DJBooth Eminem fatigue, I had to write this one last piece. 

Ever since Slim surprise-dropped Kamikaze Beyoncé-style on August 31, no one has stopped buzzing about all the rappers he disses on the album—Machine Gun Kelly, Joe Budden, Tyler, The Creator, etc... After listening to the album 27 more times, however, I recently discovered that Kamikaze has even more disses than we initially realized. You know, those subtle “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” lines that no one is talking about.

So without further adieu, here are 10 disses on Kamikaze that you probably missed. Go back and re-listen if you don’t believe me.

Lil Wayne

Song: "The Ringer"

Lyric: “If you still weezy then you need an inhaler / Weezy F. Baby and the F is for failure.”

How did NO ONE notice that Eminem disses Lil Wayne within the first minute on the first track? It’s pretty shocking considering their positive, professional relationship. What happened that caused a rift in their friendship? Hopefully, we’ll find out.

Post Malone

Song: "The Ringer"

Lyric: “All he does is pop pills and drink beers / Post Malone hasn't taken a shower in six years”

Post Malone is a global superstar who’s running radio right now, so how did the media not notice this savage insult? In my opinion, this line was unnecessary. Posty’s hygiene habits (or lack thereof) are none of Marshall’s business.

Avril Lavigne

Song: "Greatest"

Lyric: “Just a fake skater chick with a French ass name / Put Lavigne in a washing machine, I run this game”

Avril Lavigne is a Canadian princess and "Sk8er Boi" remains a timeless classic. She deserved better than this. This was a dated reference and an unjust insult. Disappointing.

Yo-Yo Ma

Song: "Lucky You"

Lyric: “And yo, Yo Ma, go fuckin teach a music class / Keep talking shit and Imma shove that cello up your ass”

Yo-Yo Ma, the famous cello player, is a great talent who makes beautiful, classical music. I have no idea what he said to piss off Eminem this much. We’ll find out soon ‘cause I heard he’s gonna be on Joe Budden’s podcast next Friday.

Channing Tatum

Song: "Not Alike"

Lyric: “You got six-pack abs, but I can stab ‘em with a spike / You call yourself Magic Mike, but I'm magic on the mic”



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Em seems understandably jealous of Tatum’s impressive physique (as we all are) and is lashing out lyrically. Also, I get why he didn’t like Magic Mike, but he clearly wasn’t in that movie's target demographic.

Helen Keller

Song: "Fall"

Lyric: “This deaf-blind bitch Helen Keller keeps taking shots at me / At least I can see and hear, you deaf-blind bitch.”

This makes no sense. First off, Helen has not been “taking shots” at Eminem, she’s been dead for 50 years. Also, this didn’t even rhyme. This is just cruel. Helen would be very disappointed if she was here to not see or hear this happen. 

The Wright Brothers

Song: "Kamikaze"

Lyric: “You invented airplanes but never wrote a fuckin song / How can you be the (W)RIGHT brothers when you’re always wrong?!”

Why anyone would have a problem with the Wright brothers is beyond me. They revolutionized aviation! Modern transportation wouldn’t be the same without them. Eminem is pulling no punches on this album.

The Amish Community

Song: "Venom (Music From The Motion Picture)"

Lyric: “Amish people suck / I don’t even have a rhyme for this, I just fucking hate Amish people.”

Since Amish people have no access to the internet, I have no idea if they’ll find out about this. But mark my words, if they do hear this, shit is gonna get real.

Rose (from Titanic)

Song: "My Heart Will Go On (Remix)"

Lyric: “The ending of Titanic always makes me frown / There was room for two people on the floating door, Jack didn't have to drown”

Eminem is referring to the “romantic” scene in Titanic where Rose (Kate Winslet’s character) is on a floating door in the ocean and Jack (Leonardo Dicaprio’s character) drowns so Rose can stay safe. There was clearly room for two people on the floating door, Jack didn’t have to die. Rose was being selfish. Honestly, I’m on Em’s side with this.

DJBooth writer Drew Landry

Song: "Fuck Drew Landry"

Lyric: “A bad stand-up comic writing shitty articles about me / Wouldn’t have anything to write about without me / You better leave me the hell alone, Drew Landry / I'll fuck your wife and give her a new family”

This was totally uncalled for, Marshall. I don’t even know how to respond to this. Also, I don’t even have a wife. What the fuck?

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