Sheck Wes Explains Why 'Mudboy' Debut Won't Contain Any Guest Features

“I could have had a million features on there, but…”
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Sheck Wes Explains Why 'Mudboy' Debut Won't Contain Any Guest Features

Young Sheck Wes, the artist who stole both Kanye West and Travis Scott’s heart, is gearing up to release his major label debut album, Mudboy. Late last week, Wes sat down with the LA Leakers to give some insight into his upcoming album, including the reason why he chose to go featureless for his debut.

“I got my debut project, my first album, called Mudboy, which is basically talking about the past three-four years of my life,” Wes said. “The basketball part, the fashion part, me being sent back to Africa, you know? It’s also, I feel like, introducing people to my art, more than a ‘Mo Bamba'… I feel like there’s a lot of art infused into my music, but since I’m young, I get overlooked… It’s all me. No features. I could have had a million features on there, but I want people to understand me first [and] what I do, rather than who I know.”

Considering Sheck Wes makes pointed and cerebral trap bangers, his no-features approach in 2018 is both reasonable and admirable. His music has a wonderfully riotous energy, so much so that it can be easy to overlook the depth of his messaging. Yet, Sheck Wes is unquestionably a storyteller and his story is an expansive one, to say the least.

Going featureless allows Wes to be fully himself on wax, and would dispel any notions that his success came from big-budget features and name recognition. Sheck Wes is obviously dedicated to all manner of art and craft, and he is more than comfortable resting the success of Mudboy squarely on his shoulders. 

Maybe his coming-of-age story will go double Platinum with no features, but that’s never happened before, so maybe not.

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