Jaden Smith's Next Album Will Be Inspired by Young Thug's Flow and Cadence

“We're in the studio all the time making stuff.”
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Jaden Smith is nothing if not a conceptual young artist. His Roc Nation debut album, SYRE, had concepts and motifs laden with other concepts and motifs. While Smith is just shy of being a rap icon, in a new interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 on Apple Music, the rapper revealed that he is looking for influences in all the right creative places. For his next record, Jaden will be pulling from the stylings of Atlanta enigma Young Thug.

“Thug is amazing,” Smith said. “He's such an individual and he just pushes boundaries and that's why I always knew that we were destined to do something together. I feel like we kind of saw each other from afar through the Internet and I knew that we had a lot in common. I feel like we have a lot of common in the studio too. He's really inspiring me just flow wise for this next album and cadence-wise, just the way he raps and the way he does it. I just I love being around and being in the studio. I was in the studio with him last night. We were just messing around with some song in me and we got like three other songs that are not hard songs, they're really like chill calm songs. But yeah we're in the studio all the time making stuff. It's exciting.”

The silliness of digital courtship aside, Young Thug does seem like the perfect muse and mentor for Jaden Smith. Both artists have a penchant for the eclectic and take no issue with snubbing the understood notions of a rapper. They also have chemistry, evident in their new collaboration on Young Thug's On the Rvn EP, "Sin." 

Will we ever get a Young Thug and Jaden Smith collab album, and will it be entitled Slime Icon? Unclear. What is clear, however, is that Smith is not averse to taking critique and direction, and trying new things. After all, he did love that Tyler, The Creator wasn’t a fan of his last album.

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