Juicy J Says He'd Love to Work on New Three 6 Mafia Music, But Does He?

“We just need to sit down, you know, figure it out.”
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What rap fans wouldn’t give for a Three 6 Mafia reunion album, right? 

It's been 10 years since the last Three 6 Mafia album, 2008's Last 2 Walk, but according to Juicy J, a follow-up record has more potential than we may have suspected. Speaking with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio on Apple Music, Juicy revealed that he would love to get back to working on Three 6 Mafia records.

“I mean, I love those guys when we started something, you know?” he said. “I would love to do something with those guys, man. We just need to sit down, you know, figure it out. But it's all good, no bad blood, all love. I love all those guys.”

While this may be exciting news, it’s also a bit confusing. Speaking with DJBooth in June 2018, DJ Paul told us that “Juicy don’t feel we shouldn’t be doing any more music, so I ain’t trippin’. I asked him a couple times and he said he don’t want to do it, so I’m done with it… Juicy don’t want to get into a studio to record an album.”

This is certainly a different tune from the Juicy J of today. Of course, over the span of three months, the Memphis veteran could have changed his mind about the future of Three 6, but as we all know: actions speak louder than words. Perhaps this Zane Lowe interview is a Juicy J olive branch, where sitting down and figuring it out means getting past his previous resistance to new music. Only time will tell.

In related news, Juicy J's new single, "Neighbor," featuring Travis Scott, is now available for stream.

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