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Westside Gunn "Invests" $10k Into 'Hitler Wears Hermes 6' Artwork

'Hitler Wears Hermes 6' is slated to drop on October 31.

Never one to shy from controversy in the name of art, Griselda Records’ own Westside Gunn recently revealed the cover to the sixth installment of his Hitler Wears Hermes mixtape series. The artwork, a massive oil on canvas painting done by artist Eyesaac, features Hitler with a third eye and cost Gunn $10,000.

The second cover, and the one that seems to be shipping out, features the FlyGod wearing a Gucci ski mask and flipping off the populace. The multiple covers and energy Gunn is bringing to the table is palpable, as he writes: “I’ve never been more focused and that’s scary.”

For those unfamiliar with Westside Gunn’s aesthetic, the cover may be bold. Let’s not forget that for his most recent record, one of the best of the year, Supreme Blientele, Gunn produced three covers, one of which was a painting of murderer Chris Benoit, also with his third eye open.

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When revealing and speaking on all of his covers, Gunn stressed that he is focused on “ART” and “CULTURE,” emphasis his. They do say, good art is meant to make the consumer uncomfortable.

Hitler Wears Hermes 6 is slated to drop on October 31.

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