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Swizz Beatz on Being a Top 5 Producer: "I Am the Category"

“I'll battle anybody in that category, too.”
Swizz Beatz interview, 2018

Swizz Beatz would like to be called a “young living legend,” because he feels he still has so much left to accomplish. With his new album Poison coming soon, and some good advice from J. Cole in his back pocket, Swizz sat down on REAL 92.3 LA to discuss his new album, and to break down where he sees himself in the pantheon of all-time greatest producers.

“I don't need to be mentioned in the category,” Swizz said in response to being asked about his take on being left out of top-five conversations. “I am the category. I'll battle anybody in that category, too… At the end of the day, I’m confident to battle anyone because I know the work that I put in, and I know the work that I’m willing to put in. As a DJ, as a producer, as a rapper, if you don’t feel that you ready for war with anybody, no matter what they status is and that’s your category, then you’re not on your A game.”



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Well, we certainly admire Swizzy's confidence and his gusto. Of course, the man has had a hand in numerous classic and historical records. Yet, the truth is, Swizz Beatz is often absent from these conversations about the greatest of all time—even our piece, “GOAT: The 8 Greatest Hip-Hop Producers of All Time,” only included Swizz as an auxiliary option.

Perhaps Poison will help him enter the wider GOAT conversation and inspire someone to come to his defense, much like what we saw with a recent, great defense of Mannie Fresh.

Either way, so long as Swizz is confident in himself, not worrying about his periphery, his music has a far greater chance of shining than if he was obsessing over silly rankings while in the studio.

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