Tyga Shares His Two Rules to Live By, Bro

Tyga’s quick tips for career success.
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Don’t count Tyga out. Despite being critically panned throughout his career—his last album, Kyoto, arguably being the low-point of that career—and seemingly on the cusp of fading away from musical relevance, the California rapper essentially resurrected his career this summer with a massive hit, “Taste,” and a successful follow-up single, “Swish.” 

What’s the secret to bringing back a career? According to Tyga, he lives by two rules.

“No. 1 is, ‘Don’t listen to anybody,’” he told Billboard. The second, of course, is “No one cares, bro.”

Now, in the context of Tyga’s career trajectory, both of these statements are oddly prophetic. After a dismal showing with Kyoto, Tyga was in search of a hit. He got two. Even in the internet era, where no one’s window every really closes, this was a notable feat.

Tyga living by the code of taking notes from nobody clearly paid off, then, because there were likely more than a few people quietly nudging the rapper to accept his fade into obscurity. At the very least, the consistent critical evisceration and online clowning was sending a message his way, which he rightfully ignored until putting out a hit people loved. 

This, of course, brings us to rule number two: “No one cares, bro.” As in, no one cares if your last three records were terribly rated or if your last relationship became a meme. Casual listeners, for better or worse, only care about the present. At present, Tyga has a 2018 song-of-the-summer contender on his hands. If he puts out another top 10 hit, people will come to care even less about Kyoto and his celebrity calamities. 

With how fast music is moving, every day can be a fresh start, bro.

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