Alchemist on Earl Sweatshirt's Forthcoming Album: "This Is a Masterpiece"

We hear you, Alc, but can we also hear the album?
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Alchemist on Earl Sweatshirt's Forthcoming Album: "This Is a Masterpiece"

Earl Sweatshirt season starts now, specifically because legendary producer Alchemist said so. Alc, who has been lucky enough to hear Sweatshirt’s first album in three-and-a-half years, following 2015’s I Don’t Like Shit I Don’t Go Outside, remarked on Twitter that the record was “a masterpiece."

In February of 2017, Earl revealed that he had begun work on the I Don’t Like Shit follow up, yet we’ve not gotten word of a release date or any potential roll out since. He has, however, made waves with his Red Bull Radio podcast Earl Sweatshirt Stays Inside. Most recently, Earl had Solange on the show, and looking at their photographs together, the young man looks healthier and more lucid than ever. Clearly, his time away from releasing records was much needed.

The last time an unreleased album was propped up in this manner—9th Wonder’s proclamation that Busta Rhymes’ forthcoming record would shatter album of the year rankings—we came up empty-handed. Of course, neither 9th nor Alc would ever lie to us, so only time and listens will tell what albums are and are not masterpieces. 

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