Anderson .Paak & Kendrick Lamar Have Amazing Chemistry, But They’ve Never Created in Person

“Everything we’ve done has been over the web.”
Anderson .Paak and Kendrick Lamar Have Amazing Chemistry, But They’ve Never Created in Person

Anderson .Paak’s long-awaited Oxnard album is right around the corner, and today, .Paak released his swaggering and lawless lead single “Tints,” featuring Kendrick Lamar. The duo play off of each other well, delivering an endless summer experience in the early throes of fall. Yet, speaking with Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1, .Paak revealed that he and Lamar have never actually created music together in person.

“He’s the most humble, selfless, amazing, focused young gentleman I’ve ever met,” .Paak began. “I’ve still not been able to work with him in the studio one-on-one. Everything we’ve done has been over the web. Every time we’ve gotten together it’s always been for something big. The few times we’ve been gotten to link he's come out to my Coachella, we linked up for some video shoots, it’s always been something big. I love working with him. Some people you can trust to just send it and they gonna send it back and it’s gonna be flames. I just knew that would be the case with him. I’d been sending him tracks through the recording process and I had no idea this was gonna be the one and all of a sudden I looked at my phone and had something on iMessage and he said ‘I gave this one a shot.’ I sent him five or 10 tracks man. I love that he got on this one it’s so perfect.”

Well, they could have fooled us. .Paak and Lamar’s chemistry on the track is half the sell, but their ability to stay instep over email only speaks to their personal relationship and artistic prowess. Nowadays, any two artists can link over email, but a lot of organic energy can get lost in the ether of the internet. It takes two special artists to be able to summon an in-studio energy on wax without sitting side-by-side.

If this is how good Anderson .Paak and Kendrick Lamar sound via email, imagine the work they’ll be releasing once the two lock in some studio time?

Prior to creating "Tints," .Paak and Lamar worked together on "Bloody Waters," a standout selection on Black Panther The Album, featuring Ab-Soul and James Blake, which was executive produced by Lamar.

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