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Wiz Khalifa's 'Cabin Fever' Mixtape Added to Streaming Services

Blog era fans' dreams are slowly but surely coming true.
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The ease of on-demand streaming is unmatched and has revolutionized music in many ways. Yet, if you ask anyone from businessmen to fans, to fellow artists being stiffed on their royalty checks, you'll find that streaming is still littered with problems. 

Perhaps the biggest complaint, fan-side, is that streaming platforms cannot house our beloved mixtapes from the blog era. Thankfully, veteran indie label Rostrum Records is working slowly to get their mixtape catalog online, with Wiz Khalifa’s Cabin Fever, released for free in 2011, the latest addition.

As previously reported by Genius, Rostrum has every desire and intention to release their mixtape catalog on to streaming services. “At this point, Rostrum is basically going back and trying to release all of [Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller’s] mixtapes to streaming, or as many as they can, for obvious reasons,” producer E. Dan told Genius



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Earlier this year, mixtape behemoth Curren$y spoke with DJBooth about getting his old tapes on streaming services. “That’s a move that sounds pretty good,” he said. “There’s original records on Fast Times [at Ridgemont Fly] that I didn’t think we could do anything with, that’s why I was putting the tapes out every month. So if we could cash out on some of that shit and build like a ragtop ‘58 or something, that’d be cool.”

Of course, everything will come down to sample clearances and behind-the-scenes legal proceedings. While we would all live for the mixtape and streaming eras to blend, that sweet reality still appears a ways away. 

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