Quavo Still Doesn’t Know What a “Just Quavo” Album Sounds Like

"That’s what I’ll learn from my fans when I drop my album."
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Migos world domination is taking new shape as Quavo gets ready to release his solo debut, Quavo Huncho (or Q U A V O H U N C H O, in true Migos fashion). While the rapper believes venturing into the solo lane will help both him and Migos grow their hip-hop estate, he isn't exactly sure what his lane will sound like, yet.

“We all got a different sound but we all got one sound together,” he told GQ. “I’m just tryna put that you-know-it’s-me on my records. If you hear one of my records and you know the boys are not on it, I don’t want you to expect the boys to be on it. If you hear my music, you’ll be like, ‘Okay cool. This is a Quavo record.’”

To this point, writer Stacy-Ann Ellis asked Quavo what exactly his solo, "just Quavo" music sounds like. Quavo, apparently, is still figuring that out: “That’s a great question, because that’s what I’ll learn from my fans when I drop my album. I’ma just work hard, being the hardest working person on everything, leader, the Huncho, so that’s what you already know what you got coming. I need answers from my fans now. I can’t answer everything.”

While it’s endearing to see how much stock Quavo puts into his fans, it’s equally troubling that on the eve of releasing his solo album, he isn’t sure what he’s delivering. Certainly, art lives and dies in the hands of the consumer, and plenty of artists have gleaned new meanings from their music once fans have gotten the chance to dig in, but they probably also knew what they were aiming to produce.

Hanging on to the word “Huncho,” Quavo seems to suggest he’ll be focusing on bag talk and all manner of bossing up and hustling, which is already a Migos specialty. Perhaps the Quavo-esque twist will be some touch of introspection of storytelling since he’ll have more verses per capita on wax. Perhaps Quavo Huncho will give Quavo room to flex his creative director muscle in exciting ways that go beyond adjectives and nouns, that demand our full attention at all times. Perhaps not.

Sure, Quavo’s work ethic and mass vision for himself and Migos is admirable, but a solid debut album it may not make. Time will tell, it seems.

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