Pusha-T Is Still Angry His Best Mase Impression Never Took Off

But hey, Mase liked it.
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Five years ago, Pusha-T delivered his monumental solo debut My Name Is My Name. While the record has gone on to be celebrated, and Pusha has gone on to outdo himself with his present opus DAYTONA, in a new interview with Urban Legends, it seems the artist himself has a chip on his shoulder from 2013.

“I hate people for not liking this,” Pusha said of radio-ready “Let Me Love You.” “It didn’t get the reception that I wanted and I’m very angry about that. I got no outside love for that record and it pissed me off because, in my mind, that was a single. That was my way to do a single. I’m trying to find ways to put myself in a more radio area I’ve never been in. It’s my best rendition of Mase where people could sing along, but slick enough [lyrically]. It’s what I thought Mase was; why I thought he was great. Motherfuckers be trying to keep me in my box. They won’t even let me pay homage to my time, to people I fuck with. Mase definitely reached out. Hit me up and told me it was dope. I love the record, but I just didn’t get that off.”

Well, maybe “Let Me Love You” didn’t take off, but it was and remains endearing that Pusha-T is still interested in stepping into different spheres of rap music. Especially when we remember that in 2017, Push was openly questioning his own artistic growth.

Pusha’s disdain can be read as a boon to his music, too. For one, him keeping that fire is likely part of the reason why DAYTONA was such a critical success. Sure, there are no radio-minded records on the album, but what there is, is a fresh determination and focus. We get a Pusha-T who knows how to execute, which may well come from his disappointment with past executions.

So, “Let Me Love You” isn’t a smash hit, but DAYTONA is incredible. And hey, Mase liked it. Does anything else matter?

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