Lil Wayne's 23-Track 'Tha Carter V' Generates $3.3 Million in Opening-Week Song Revenue

The “F” is for grossing over three million dollars in one week.

Five years in the making, Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V did not disappoint fans, nor did it disappoint Wayne’s wallet or Universal Music Group, executives. 

Per HITS Daily Double, the entirety of their top 10 highest earning songs for the charting week ending October 3, 2018, were selections off Tha Carter V, with the Kendrick Lamar-assisted “Mona Lisa” alone taking in a gross of $335,141.

In fact, the three highest-earning tracks for Wayne (“Mona Lisa,” “Don’t Cry,” and “Let It Fly”) all had features, which likely brought in stray listeners who may not have been checking for Wayne's latest full-length, and helped boost streaming numbers. Even Wayne’s lowest-earning track, “Dope New Gospel,” was still the 41st highest-grossing song this past week, taking in $74,438.

Each of the albums 23 tracks earned a spot in the top 50 highest-earning songs of the week, with the entire album netting a gross total of $3,338,722. Or, you know, chump change. Other major recent first-week totals include Eminem, whose Kamikaze album generated $1.8 million with its 13 tracks, which is almost as impressive as the time Drake’s “In My Feelings” made over half a million dollars in one week.

Again, just petty cash, really.

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