T.I. on Kanye’s White House Visit: “The Most Repulsive, Disgraceful, Embarrassing Act of Desperation”

“We just saw Mr. West’s Soul on auction.”
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T.I. on Kanye’s White House Visit: “The Most Repulsive, Disgraceful, Embarrassing Act of Desperation”

We have, unsurprisingly, had enough of Kanye West. Following his most recent offense, that is meeting with President Trump to deliver an ambling and incoherent monologue that is both dangerous and irresponsible, longtime collaborator T.I. took to Instagram to speak out against the meeting and West’s behavior et al.

“This is the most repulsive,disgraceful, Embarrassing act of desperation & auctioning off of one’s soul to gain power I’ve ever seen [sic],” T.I. wrote. “Now I recall you asking me to come with you to have this meeting and I declined (naturally)... but bro... if ain’time I would’ve been in there wit you and you behaved that spinelessly in my presence,I feel that I’d be compelled to slap de’Fuq outta you bro For the People!!! [sic]”

T.I. goes on to suggest that West’s meeting with the president was ill-intentioned, that his only goal was to put himself in a greater position of power and in a greater proximity to whiteness as opposed to actually advocating for prison reform, police reform, and the betterment of his city.

“Don’t follow this puppet,” he continued. “Because as long as I’ve lived I’ve learned that it benefits a man nothing at all to gain the world,if to do so he must lose his soul. We just saw Mr.West’s Soul on auction. If you listen closely you can hear the tears of our ancestors hit the floor. [sic]”

It is both redeeming and deeply troubling to see T.I. stand against Kanye West at this moment. Redeeming, because we are finally seeing someone West greatly respects drawing a hard line in the sand. Troubling, because Kanye West is so, so far gone. He’s left the building; he’s blown up the building. His shortsighted actions are dangerous at best. 

T.I. knows it, most of hip-hop knows it, but sadly, Kanye West remains oblivious.

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