Lil Pump Recorded "I Love It" in 15 Minutes During His Birthday Party

We love it?
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You know what they say: greatness only takes 15 minutes. The “they” in this sentence is, of course, Lil Pump, who revealed to Billboard that he recorded his verse for his smash hit with Kanye West, “I Love It,” during his 18th birthday party. 

As reported by Billboard: “His memory of how he ended up on a song with West is a blur. He explains that West cold-called him in August, on Pump’s 18th birthday, with the song as a gift, and ‘that was it.’ Pump recorded his part in 15 minutes. (The explicit hook—’You’re such a fucking ho, I love it’—was West’s idea, says Pump.) He then went back to his party.”

Later on in the interview, we get more clarification on how the song came together: 

“Dooney Battle, Pump’s manager and A&R person, fills in the story’s gaps. Pump and West actually talked for nearly three months about collaborating on Harverd Dropout, a title that proposes a mythic origin story the same way West’s The College Dropout did (except West actually did attend college, Chicago State University, before dropping out at age 20). Battle set up a studio in a private room at Pump’s party in a Miami mansion so Pump could meet West’s same-day deadline. (The two rappers didn't meet until they were on the video set.)”

Considering “I Love It” became a top-10 hit and has, over the last few weeks, been the most-streamed hip-hop song on Spotify, 15 minutes seems like more than enough time. 

In terms of operating quickly, Lil Pump is in good company. Super-producer Zaytoven never spends more than 10 minutes on a beat, and he’s Zaytoven. Migos also revealed that they never spend more than 45 minutes on a song, which, for those keeping score, is 15 minutes per Migo.

Sometimes, in the case of Travis Scott, songs need to be crafted over the span of a year. Other times, clearly the hit comes within the hour. We love it.

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