Lil Baby Hates Suitcases, Confirms He Buys New Clothes in Every City on Tour

“I don’t really like suitcases.”

Welcome to: lifestyles of the rich and suitcase-less. 

Today’s star is Quality Control’s Lil Baby, fresh off the release of his superb collaborative project with Gunna, Drip Harder. The Atlanta rapper linked up with Complex for an episode of Sneaker Shopping that gave us a handful of unique insights into the young artist's approach to music and fashion. The most interesting of which was his hardline stance on luggage.

“Every now and then, I’ll take an outfit,” Lil Baby tells host Joe La Puma, who brought up Lil Baby’s propensity to shop for new clothes in every city as opposed to packing, to which Baby admitted: “I don’t really like suitcases and stuff.”

A true trendsetter, Lil Baby would rather find the boutique stores in the cities he sells out, and wear what no one else is wearing. As cheeky as this seems, not only is Lil Baby not alone in his aversion to packing, but this eccentricity is par for the course when breaking down his music. Both he and Gunna are the shape of trap music to come. Of course, the young man has a few quirks.

However, Lil Baby, we do have some final questions. Namely...

What do you do with the clothes you buy in each city once you’re done with the show? 

Would you ever consider paying someone to pack for you? 

Lastly, if you have an excess of designer clothing you don’t want to put in a suitcase, the DJBooth office address is available—just have your reps call us. 

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