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Solange Reveals 'A Seat at the Table' Was Originally Composed of "Many" 15-Minute Songs

“I have this fear living in my body about releasing work.”

Solange speaks for herself. The multi-hyphenated artist and activist’s 2016 album, A Seat at the Table, has moved and influenced countless artists across a bevy of mediums. 

In her latest profile for The New York Times, Solange revealed that the creative process for ASATT was anything but conventional.

“Many of the songs on A Seat at the Table were 15 minutes long until the final stages of production, when, with surgical decisiveness, Solange cut them down to three or four. She’ll do the same as she completes this yet unnamed album.” —Ayana Mathis for NYT.

“I constantly called it my punk album because it was like, this is my time to shake things up and be loud,” Solange said earlier in the interview, her approach decidedly punk in itself. “I have this fear living in my body about releasing work. I don’t know any artist that doesn’t feel that before they hit the send button.”

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Perhaps Solange’s axing methodology was one way to combat that fear. We have to imagine that through the process of chopping songs down to their essential fifth, A Seat at the Table was made all the more precious and potent. At the least, it certainly was received as such.

A Seat at the Table is admittedly in good company. Kanye West’s widely regarded opus, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, was once set to be a collection of 10-minute long songs. Clearly, the approach of more-is-less-until-less-is-more has its merits. 

With Solange’s A Seat at the Table follow-up on the way, we can only imagine what magic she will spin in the coming months. 

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