Quavo on Migos Solo Careers: “You Want to Grow Up”

Bring on the uncle-rap bars.
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Quavo is one-third of the biggest rap group out, has a well-selling solo album, and more than enough Platinum plaques. 

What’s left for him? Growing up.

In a new interview with the Associated Press, Quavo revealed that though Migos started as brothers looking to change the rap game, they’re now adults and have to adapt to their new responsibilities and shifting outlooks.

“I never really did see myself as a standalone,” he said. “We never really saw ourselves having solo careers. We came in as a group. We were trying new ways and new sounds. It’s all about growth. When we were coming as a group, we weren’t thinking about kids, marriage or like real stuff. Seeing Offset have his wife (Cardi B) and kids, it makes you want to grow up. We all can’t stay in the same house no more.”

Growing up, and growing old, in trap music is difficult. Where hip-hop is a young man’s game, aging gracefully is a feat all its own. There is a quiet loss of innocence to his commentary, but clearly, Quavo is not upset that time is marching ever-forward. The best way to grow old in music is to accept that you are not who you used to be, lean into it, and tell your truth all the same.

While his solo debut QUAVO HUNCHO fell a bit flat, hearing Quavo thoughtfully looking towards a more mature future is exciting. Will we be getting uncle-rap bars from Quavo’s next album? Hopefully.

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