Drake Passes The Beatles for Most Hot 100 Top 10 Hits in One Year

Kiki, are you outdoing The Beatles?
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Certain things are endless by design, like Drake's Billboard success. Drake, our beloved Toronto rap superstar, has just surpassed The Beatles for most Hot 100 top 10 hits in a calendar year.

Per Chart Data, with Bad Bunny's "MIA" set to enter the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 5, Drake has now earned 12 top 10 hits on the Hot 100 in 2018, besting The Beatles’ previous record of 11 in one calendar year.

In becoming Drake's 12th top 10 hit of the year, "MIA" (No. 5) follows three No. 1 singles ("God's Plan," "Nice For What," and "In My Feelings"), along with "Nonstop" (No. 2), BlocBoy JB's "Look Alive" (No. 5),  "Yes Indeed" with Lil Baby (No. 6), "I'm Upset" (No. 7), "Diplomatic Immunity" (No. 7), "Emotionless" (No. 8), "Don't Matter To Me" with Michael Jackson (No. 9), and Migos' "Walk It Talk It" (No. 10).

Interestingly, this list does not include Travis Scott's "SICKO MODE," on which Drake is an uncredited guest vocalist. As such, the song—which peaked at No. 4 on the Hot 100—is not included on Drake's Billboard chart history. Had Drake been listed as an official feature, Drake's record for most Hot 100 top 10 hits in a calendar year would obviously stand at 13.

If any artist can transform hit-making into an art form, it is Drake. From well-executed videos to viral dances and challenges, Drake knows how to make an infectious tune and turn it into a cultural phenomenon.

Released in June 2018, Drake’s double album Scorpion has, to date, moved 3.3 million total units in the United States alone. Of this total, 296,000 are pure sales. When you’re the king of hits in 2018, you’re simultaneously the king of streaming. 

The Beatles should have mobilized their Spotify strategy with more tact. 

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